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Add sensibility to the health-delivering tray.

Well Being Life Daeryung !

We're making our customers happy.

With the rapidly changing digital revolution day by day, our lifestyles are also changing. As a result, kitchenware is also diversifying into fashion products, away from Kitchen Ware, which emphasizes possibility.

Thus, Daeryeong Chemical Co., Ltd. has been accumulating for more than a decade since 1993 based on the management ideology of "trust, creativity, and customer satisfaction." We are doing our best to become a fashion leader of Kitchen Ware with distribution know-how, solid capital, and beautiful design.

In particular, the importance of design was deeply realized, and from 2004, a consortium was formed with Duwon Design, a professional design company. We are striving to produce the best and more beautiful and practical design products.

I'm not satisfied with making the best products for the comfortable life of customers and the happiness of my family. With a management attitude that puts customer satisfaction first, all executives and employees will work together to make good products.

We'll produce high-quality, high-value-added products with the best design. In the upcoming global era, we will become a company that can meet the needs of customers.

We promise to do our best to constantly research and develop the best products to develop into a global brand. We ask for more interest and support in our company and our products.

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Well Bing Life Daeryung !

We make the happiness of our customers together.